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Lentils, Garbanzo, pinto beans, parsley, leek, spinach and noodles topped with whey and fried mint
For Persian New Year, Norouz, this traditional soup is always served. Ash-e Reshteh (Persian: آش رشته‎) is one of the most famous types of āsh (thick soup), made commonly in Iran. Ash’ means soup in Persian and ‘reshteh’ are Persian noodles. The ingredients used in this beautifully spiced and delicious vegetable soup are reshteh (very thin noodles), kashk (thick whey), herbs such as parsley, spinach, dill, spring onion ends and sometimes coriander, chick peas, pinto beans, lentils, onions, dried mint, garlic, oil, salt and pepper. This soup is so healthy. It’s full of protein, fiber and antioxidants with all of the legumes, leafy greens and herbs.

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